We celebrated our 33rd Anniversary.

On 19th June, we celebrated Mediamix 33rd anniversary.

Mediamix 33rd anniversary

Part 1: Presentations by young employees

In the first part, a young employee who will be responsible for the next generation gave a presentation.

Presentation 1 Presentation 2 Presentation 3 Presentation 4 Presentation 5 Presentation 6

All young employees analyzed the company and their solutions, compiled the materials, and made a passionate presentation to clearly convey to the listener.

Part 2 Karuta Tournament

In the second part, we held a Karuta competition to deepen the fellowship of our employees.

Karuta 1 Karuta 2 Karuta 3 Karuta 5 Karuta 6 Karuta 7 Karuta 8 Karuta 9 Karuta 10 Karuta 11 Karuta 12 Karuta 13

It was a higher-level battle than I had expected, and I was able to get to know one side that everyone does not usually show.

Social gathering

Next is a social gathering.
We all had delicious sushi, yakitori, and colorful desserts.

Social gathering 1 Social gathering 2 Social gathering 3
Social gathering 6
Colorful Desserts
Social gathering 1 Social gathering 2 Social gathering 3

Although it is the COVID-19 coronavirus peril, we will continue to work hard every day to create new value for everyone.